Home of a Sunbird

Something beautiful happened! Though I walked/jogged around the same track almost every day, it was only this day that I noticed a nest when a beautiful sunbird flew out of it! Home of a sunbird!

Now, these birds are so tiny & swift, that I think I must have always missed noticing them even if they were around. I did not wish to disturb or scare the little guys, so I found myself a rock nearby to sit on, away from the nest & the bush, and yet at such a spot from where I had a decent view of the nest, and waited patiently. I’m so glad I did that!

I saw a pair of yellow sunbirds (Google tells me they are called Olive-backed or yellow-bellied sunbirds) and also a black(or was it purple?) sunbird – all of them around the same nest (depositing feed? I guess). Maybe the nest had some chicks in it already, or eggs, I couldn’t say. It sure had something valuable in it. I tried capturing the birds and their movements on my phone but I was sitting quite far. So, I just gave up on that task and instead decided to enjoy the moment. Though I couldn’t manage to click any picture of the birds themselves, I realized this whole experience was the most lovely one in a while. That we have completely stopped seeing the house sparrows and other common birds, in our cities, always makes me a bit sad. It’s been a long since I saw any birds apart from crows (occasionally mynahs) in the concrete jungles that our cities have become, this truly made me happy.

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