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musing in the rains

Rainy Day Musing

Rainy day musings…conversation with myself, and some random thoughts and words.

Naked Soul

She looks at her reflection in the large wooden-framed mirror. Behind her the rain falls on the window, making a soft sound. It’s a grey, grey day – the girl in the mirror says. She…

Some Places Are Like Poems

“गहरी नीली शाम, सर्द बर्फीली हवा,बारिश की कुछ हलकी बूँदेंकांगडी़ की ज़रा-सी आंचदूर बादलों से झांकते ऊँचे-ऊँचे पहाड़कच्चे-पक्के ख्वाब-सा, ज्यादा-ज्यादा सच-सा, एक जहाँ हसीं-सा …”

No Matter What You Do

No matter what you do, or don’t do, someone (or a lot of them) is always going to judge you, label you. Let them. Sometimes, even those who claim to understand you will judge you.…

She calls me Zeba

A dream… a story… a memory… I lay on the prickly brown-green grass, reading a book. I have a lot of time here, in this dream. This little town in the lap of mountains pampers…

I know her as Bombay

She has beauty and charisma. She is vibrant and has an undying spirit. Every breath – a rhythm, she is bustling with energy and a fire in her belly. They call her Mumbai – I…

Musings in Mountains

Do I always have to have a plan? Who decides this for me?

Nature in Timelapse

I want to be somewhere, where the clouds float by as I lay staring at the sky, grass blades swaying gently in the cool breeze. Where time goes by, slowly, letting me breathe in and…

Green Living: Growing Herbs

Growing herbs has been on my mind for a while. I’ve set up a small garden in my balcony where I’ve potted tulsi (holy basil), tomato, coriander, and also daisy, aloe vera, and a succulent.


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