Published Works

“Urban Biodiversity”

ecoNE Magazine

Each species of our planet’s biodiversity, no matter how big or small, plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem and thereby keeping the Earth, and us, alive.

“Trekking in Himalayas”

B-change Magazine

Whenever someone mentions the Himalayas in any conversation, you’re simultaneously reminded of both adventure and serenity. There’s something majestic and mysterious about these mountains…



The sun shone brightly in the clear sky. The breeze got warmer with the rise …  

Travel Articles

Native Planet

100+ travel articles and experiences written for Native Planet – travel portal

Apart from these, here are a few more links

“Everybody is a Genius”

eFicton India : One of my poem titled “Not a bride anymore” was published in the eFiction India magazine in the October 2014 issue.