Butterfly Watercolour Painting Ideas

I will never tire of butterflies and (attempting) to paint them. Though, I’ve to admit, most of the times I mess up the paintings so badly and have to try again (after I’m done sulking at it). Sometimes, however, I’m so busy enjoying the process and don’t care much what the end result looks like. Since I’m hard on myself most times, so chances of the latter happening is not that great, though I try to remind myself otherwise. Which is why I’m going to *unabashedly* going to put out all the butterfly paintings (good and bad) I’ve painted/practiced so far (and maybe update/add later on as I make more).

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People & Places, Batal

Harsh weather, kind hearts and warm smiles – Dorje chacha and Chandra chachi’s dhaba at Batal, in Lahaul & Spiti.

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Garden Stories, Wandering Jew

Tuesdays on my blog here are for garden posts, mostly a picture story from the little home garden.

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The Little Universe Inside You

Fall in love with the ‘little universe’ that’s inside you. – QUOTED

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Srisailam – A Wondrous World On The Banks Of Krishna

With the changing weather patterns, episodes of sudden increase in temperature followed by untimely (but pleasant) rains are not surprising anymore. Over the last couple of days, Bangalore experienced cool drizzles and rains but is now experiencing hot weather again, as should be in March.

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Dose of Inspiration for International Day of Forests

Today, that is, 21st of March is celebrated as International Day of Forests or World Forestry Day to highlight the importance of forests on our planet. There is, however, no need to mention why forests are so important, but it is necessary to remind ourselves of their significance now and then and take at least a few steps in the right direction.

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Re-growing Herbs at Home

Plants never stop to amaze me, I have recently figured out how easy it is to grow/re-grow herbs at home – it’s so simple!

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Watercolour Painting Butterfly Wing

I’m super fascinated with butterfly wings, even dragonflies, actually I can say bugs/insect wings. The patterns, textures, colours, shades, I think is all too pretty.

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Friday Travel Pic, Where Wildflowers Bloom

Trekking in the surreal Valley of Flowers is like walking right into a fairyland!

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Six Ultimate Summer Treks In Karnataka

The mountains are always so alluring and a trekker is naturally pulled towards these magnificent landforms. Apart from being a walk or a hike in a surreal landscape, trekking is proven to be extremely good for the body, mind and soul. If you do not mind sweating it out in the sun and know that the reward will be an unexplainable feeling, here are some of the best summer treks in Karnataka that you can plan for.

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