Loose Watercolour Florals

Something I have learned recently (have known it in theory for far too long but understanding and experiencing its true meaning only now) is that – it’s not necessary that everything we do will be perfect, flawless and super successful. The important thing, however, is to keep doing.

As Dory (from Finding Nemo ❤) says ‘just keep swimming’, it is important to keep moving. Success or failure is a later stage, which comes only after we take action first.

Well, this has been true for me, especially for the things I’m learning and experimenting these days.I’m experimenting with watercolours – resumed after a really long time. I find art in general, and watercolour painting now, especially, to be meditative.

So, even when I’m painting, I try not to think of how well the end result would be, how will the painting turn out to be. Most times it’s effortless to enjoy the process without worrying about the outcome, on others I need to remind myself of it, and on yet others I completely forget this and focus too much on the result, defying the purpose of painting and getting worried. Well, we can’t help sometimes, you know.

But on this day, I decided to paint just some loose flowers. Now, I was also recording it, and was worried a bit thinking what if it doesn’t come out well, what if I don’t like it, what if when I upload the video no one likes it (ya! overthinking level 100! that’s me)

Thankfully I was able to remind myself to simply enjoy the moment and create. And that we’ll see what needs to be seen and done later. Not only did I enjoyed the process but also I loved the resulting painting. Another thing I try and keep in mind always is to never compare my work with anyone else’s. When you create for yourself, it is special for more than one reason.

This loose watercolour painting is super easy and relaxing. And I feel anyone and everyone can do it. If you are a beginner, or even if someone who has never painted before, you can do it – I believe this. So go ahead and give it a try. Do let me know if you enjoy it. If you someone like me who enjoys art videos, you can spare a few minutes and watch the video (it’s less than 5 minutes long)

Art Supplies Used

I’m also adding listing the art supplies here, in case you want to know

1. I’m using thick paper, but not watercolour sheets. For best result and ease of using wet-on-wet painting technique, I’d recommend you use any good quality watercolour papers. Watercolour sheets will typically be 300 GSM, because of this thickness they can hold a good amount of water without tearing. Now, watercolour sheets are slightly expensive (for obvious reasons) and so if you are just starting, I recommend practicing on at least 160-200 GSM art papers or handmade papers made with cotton fibres instead of wood pulp (these can also be slightly expensive but they are wonderful to work with)

2. I’m using Student grade watercolours of Camel. I love these, have been using these since school but you can use any of the great brands out there. I also chose these since these are reasonably priced and I’m not yet ready to paint/practice with other (good but expensive) brands of watercolour paints. The colours I have used are vermillion – for the flowers, dark green and sap green for the leaves and branches and gray/black for the vase. You can use any colours of your choice.

3. The paintbrush I’m using is a round brush from Faber Castell. You can use any watercolour paintbrush that you are comfortable with.

That’s about it! Now go ahead and paint those fun and relaxing, loose watercolour florals.

Create More! And remember to have fun and enjoy the process of creating 🙂

Thank you for stopping by. Would love to read what you have to say, please leave a comment :)

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