Naked Soul

She looks at her reflection in the large wooden-framed mirror. Behind her the rain falls on the window, making a soft sound. It’s a grey, grey day – the girl in the mirror says. She sees a girl. A girl who loves words. A girl who loves to write. A girl who often gets lost in the world of beautiful words. A girl who stays up to write… yet, who finds it very difficult to express herself. And at times when she can’t, she so hates it and wants to run and hide.

She sees a girl who loves to travel to her heart’s content. A girl who loves to walk alone for hours, without a destination in mind. A girl who loves to sit silently looking at the stars under the dark sky in some faraway village. A girl who finds solace by climbing the mountains – her fuel that keeps her going. A girl who often dreams about mountains and scribbles stories about them in her little diary.

She sees a girl who is difficult to understand. A girl who gets scared but doesn’t shy away from facing her fears. A girl who is stubborn, clueless, and a little goofy at times. A girl who is hard to love because she thinks too much and feels too much.

But she loves that girl, with all her weaknesses and all her imperfections. She has this unshakable faith in her beautiful soul which she sees past the mirror – a lovely and complex soul. With a unique combination of thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams, feelings, and emotions like none other. She sees a naked soul that shines with all its might.

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