Some Places Are Like Poems

“गहरी नीली शाम, सर्द बर्फीली हवा,
बारिश की कुछ हलकी बूँदें
कांगडी़ की ज़रा-सी आंच
दूर बादलों से झांकते ऊँचे-ऊँचे पहाड़
कच्चे-पक्के ख्वाब-सा, ज्यादा-ज्यादा सच-सा, एक जहाँ हसीं-सा …”

One just cannot describe the feeling of walking in mountains… In short – it’s powerful, deeply moving, overwhelming, and totally insane! At length – you can never describe it wholly (sorry, but that’s true).

Some places are just like poems, rich in beauty, dreamy, and emotionally powerful. Being at such places even if for a moment is enough to last for a lifetime. Kashmir is one such place and this trek particularly has left me soaked in its raw beauty and many emotions my heart is yet to decipher.

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The above lines are just a rough attempt at narrating the feel this place gives.

Dazed by the sheer beauty of Kishansar Lake – one of many beautiful lakes of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek

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