The Confluence of Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal at Arichal Munai

As you drive past the ghost town of Dhanushkodi, at the extreme tip of the island of Rameshwaram in south India, you arrive at the pristine beach of Arichal Munai.

Arichal Munai beach is the extreme tip of India and the last motorable/accessible point. Sri Lankan sea border is about 18km from this point, however, it’s not visible to naked eyes. All you can really see is a sea and ocean of blue (quite literally) as this is a place where the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal meet and merge into each other.

An unending blueness of the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal on either side, as far as your eyes can see, is all you will see here. The waves are mighty, rising high and crashing with loud roars. The color is blue and yet recognizably distinct on the left and right sides. I also think that the waves are much wild and untamed on one side as compared to the other.

I’m standing and listening to the wild roar of the waves, feet stinging in the hot sand. But the pristine, raw beauty of the place simply takes my breath away.

The sun is still shining bright and despite the humidity, I really wish to spend more time here, to watch the sunset. Soon the guards start blowing whistles to begin the evacuation. Our auto driver had told us, but we couldn’t really understand it then, that no one is allowed to stay back beyond 5 – 5:30 pm, as it’s not deemed safe, given the history of the place that had deserted villages upon village from the entire locality decades ago.

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