Rishikesh Vibes

Hrishikesh or Rishikesh (as the popular spelling goes) really needs no introduction. Yoga capital, ultimate adventure sports destination, holy city, and many such titles adorn this vibrant city, nestled on the banks of the mighty Ganges, in the state of Uttarakhand in north of India.

The Beatles connection in the 1960s, also made it popular across not just the country but also the globe. Especially, in the travelling community, you’d rarely find anyone who hasn’t heard or read about it, somehow.

Suspension bridge – Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh

It indeed is a vibrant city, with an incredible blend of culture, spirituality, adventure, beauty. To understand it in words, you can just run a quick search on your browser, however, if you really want to understand its essence, feel its vibes – you might want to visit it (as is true for any place, for that matter).

The mighty Ganga and the lush Himalayan mountains at Rishikesh

This post isn’t about detailed descriptions, no, I’ll leave for those who are best at it. I just wanted to quickly share some pictures and mood of the place through a few pictures, leaving you to your imaginations and interpretation of the same 🙂 – at least until you travel there one day. Or to evoke some (hopefully, pleasant) travel memories if you have already visited it someday 🙂

Street art by German graffiti artist Tona, on a crumbling wall somewhere in Rishikesh.

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