Things I Miss

Browsing through the pictures on my phone, storage devices, social media, and almost every possible place, I’m yet again reminded of all the fond mountain memories and travel tales. Each picture instantly reminds of that day, that moment, that feeling that I experienced while capturing the picture – forever freezing the moment and locking it away inside the heart.

So here’s a little list of ‘things that I miss’, not in any order, and definitely none less than the others. Read along the little stories about them and check the pictures clicked in an attempt to capture those precious moments.

  1. Furry friends on treks: I’m a dog person and have always been delighted when these furry companions decided to trek along – which is on almost all treks so far. It’s adorable to watch them lead sometimes, and wait each time – until everyone has made it, playfully prance around the tents, spreading joy. The pic is from a winter trek to Kedarkantha Peak in Uttarakhand.

2. The direction and sign boards: There’s something about the direction and sign boards that fills me up with a sense of adventure and excitement of being on the roads. I look at them fondly, read every little bit on it, the ones with distance and altitude mentioned are my favourites 🙂

3. Outdoor journaling: Though the list isn’t in any order and I miss all these things but this, I miss the most! Scribbling/writing in a dreamy setup – especially when I’m at a once-in-a-lifetime kind of a place. Sitting in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dusty brown mountains, trying to write steadily while shivering in the snow – it is tough task mainly because the views are too stunning to not get distracted. Like this one here – with notebook on my lap, I’m struggling to stay focused. Out there is Chadar – literally a blanket of ice, a frozen river – the only connection (apart from the high mountain passes) to the super remote corners of Zanskar Valley in the cold desert of Ladakh.

4.Traversing the mountain roads: There’s an unparalleled thrill of traveling a local’s way esp. in the high mountains and passes with all their curvy and bendy roads, on a rickety bus, overfilled and spilling most times, and which is possibly the only one for that day or even for that week.

5. The happy combo of delicious food + Gorgeous views: A food lover that I’m and a wanderer at heart, this is a deadly combo, be it a simple meal in the mountains or lip-smacking good food at a shack on the beach. But I have to confess, even the most basic food has tasted heavenly after an exhausting trek in those mountains. Not to mention, I’ve always felt and expressed the gratitude to the support staff who have carried the load, cooked and provided delicious and nourishing meals even at subzero temperatures, in the middle of nowhere.

6. Coffee with a view: The aroma of coffee can brighten up even the dullest of day for me. So, naturally, an opportunity to taste coffee from different corners of the country (or world) would be the happiest thing ever. In the picture are the happy memories of sipping coffee while gazing at the pine trees and the Himalayan mountain beyond, and the sprawling mountains ranges of the Western Ghats and overlooking the Indian Ocean.

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