Hello Summer

It’s that time of the year when the popular fruit – also called King of Fruits, here in India – Mango, starts making it to the markets.

It’s easily the favourite fruit for many, not to mention, its numerous health benefits also makes it a healthier seasonal fruit. This delicious summer fruit is the national fruit of India, and also interestingly, (I recently learned this) of Pakistan and Philippines.

Delicious mangoes, raw and ripened

I have some fond memories around the fruit, as well. As kids, when we used to visit granny during the summer vacations, we would go to the fields and help the grown-ups to gather mangoes from the many mango trees on the farm. Over the holidays, we would eat countless ripened mangoes and a variety of mango-based desserts, but the raw ones were a delight. Granny would add salt and chilli powder to the diced raw mango and we would relish on them, making funny faces at the sour and tangy taste of it.

King of Fruits – Mango

Though I still enjoy mangoes, it’s not quite the same. And even today, mangoes bring back those fond memories and precious summer stories from once upon a time.

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