The Little Universe Inside You

Fall in love with the ‘little universe’ that’s inside you. – QUOTED

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Watercolour Painting Butterfly Wing

I’m super fascinated with butterfly wings, even dragonflies, actually I can say bugs/insect wings. The patterns, textures, colours, shades, I think is all too pretty.

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Hanging Plants Watercolor Doodle

Since last year, I haven’t traveled really and been home (for the longest time ever – courtesy – the pandemic) But no regrets, as this gave me time to learn and indulge in a lot of new activities and learnings, some of which I’m still continuing. Gardening was one of them – I love how my little balcony garden turned out!

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Hello Tulips: Easy Watercolor Florals

Had painted this a while ago. I’m no expert but if you are starting with watercolors and looking for a companion (beginner learner) I’m here to share my watercolor journey, along with the mistakes I made and what I learned out of them.

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