Hanging Plants Watercolor Doodle

Since last year, I haven’t traveled really and been home (for the longest time ever – courtesy – the pandemic) But no regrets, as this gave me time to learn and indulge in a lot of new activities and learnings, some of which I’m still continuing. Gardening was one of them – I love how my little balcony garden turned out!

Another activity I resumed after a reaaalllly long time was watercolor painting. And I’m so glad I did – because I’m thoroughly enjoying it (and I think there’s satisfying progress too). Though I’m not getting as much time now, I still paint as and when I am able to do it now – and it truly is calming.

So, a while ago, I had doodled this botanical illustration, inspired from one of my fav YouTube artist’s work. Mine is of course, not as clean and charming as hers’, but I’m happy with how it turned out in the end :D. It’s just some loose watercolour doodle, you can say, of some pretty and colourful hanging plants and planters. Check out the video below.


Most of my art supplies are inexpensive as I’m still learning to use watercolours and brushes and these are good for practicing. Also, I believe the tools don’t matter a lot as long as you enjoy the process and create something, anything that makes you feel good.

The art supplies I’ve for this plant doodle include the following:

  1. Student-grade watercolors – crimson, sap green, dark green, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, violet, and prussian blue and played a bit around with mixing a few of these to get different hues.
  2. Round brush (again, an inexpensive local brand but comfortable), use any size you are comfortable using, I’m using size 10.
  3. A5 sized spiral bound sketch pad with thick drawing papers (I think it is some 160-180 GSM, which is fairly thick for a light wash of watercolours).

It is a super easy doodle that anyone can create. Do give it a try, if you like it 🙂 for now, enjoy the video. Do follow my watercolor journey on the YouTube channel.

Hello Tulips: Easy Watercolor Florals

Had painted this a while ago. I’m no expert but if you are starting with watercolors and looking for a companion (beginner learner) I’m here to share my watercolor journey, along with the mistakes I made and what I learned out of them.

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Dragonfly and Happiness

‘Dragonflies are kisses from heaven’

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Meadow, Mountains and Reflection – Loose Watercolor Timelapse

As a part of a 30-day video challenge, I decided to create videos of the creative activities that I like to indulge in.

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Watercolour Painting: Bicycle with Flower Basket

Watercolours and paintbrushes make me happy! I have always loved colours and I can never decide which colour I like the most. So when it comes to choosing colours, I’m clueless. The same happens when I’m painting and when I have to decide on a colour to use.

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Find Your Zen – Watercolour Painting

This is one of my favourite painting, that I completed a few days ago. I’ve titled it – Find your Zen, because the time I spent painting this one, was truly peaceful and relaxing. I also quite like the outcome.

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Loose Watercolour Florals

Something I have learned recently (have known it in theory for far too long but understanding and experiencing its true meaning only now) is that – it’s not necessary that everything we do will be perfect, flawless and super successful. The important thing, however, is to keep doing.

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Ink Drawings: Snowy Mountains

So recently I have indulged in drawing these dots and dashes artwork using the pigma fineliners. These artworks are fun to do plus they are super easy, super quick and super relaxing.

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Pencil Sketching A Conch: Beginner Level

Who doesn’t like beach? And if you are like me, then I think, as a child, while on a trip to the beach, you would have, at least once, collected shells and conches. I collect them every time – till date. Only one thing has changed (and I’m glad it happened).

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Zen Doodles

I love colours, but don’t really have a very strong sense of palettes – I use colours, not based on any colour-sense but whatever pleases and makes me happy – and well, that’s really the whole point of art, according to me. I absolutely love pencils, which is why I quite enjoy pencil sketching. Black and white colour scheme is my all-time favourite, even though I love colours.

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