Friday Travel Pic: Zanskar - Our awesome chefs chopping veggies on the frozen Zanskar river!
Mornings in the Mountains - This is how mornings in the Himalayan mountains look like. This is how the views outside your tent look like when you step out of it, after spending a night of nonstop snowfall, in the… More
Dhanushkodi – The Ghost Town of India - I was very young when my parents along with some family friends had planned a visit to South India. Until then I had only seen that part of the country on maps. And of course,… More
Love Affair with the Mountains - Have you ever felt weak in the knees? Or had butterflies flutter in your tummy? I have! Yes, I’m talking about falling in love, even before you realize it. And no, I’m not talking about… More
flying over the himalayas Friday Travel Pic: Ladakh - Julley from Ladakh!
An Ode to the Mountains - Every time that I was in the mountains, I have learned so much & felt utterly blessed. I’ve experienced the abundance and it’s overwhelming.
A Visit to the Robber’s Cave in Uttarakhand - Though I had traveled to Dehradun many times, I never explored the city much (except for food). Dehradun was almost always just a transit when I was headed for treks in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand.
Naked Soul - She looks at her reflection in the large wooden-framed mirror. Behind her the rain falls on the window, making a soft sound. It’s a grey, grey day – the girl in the mirror says. She… More
Some Places Are Like Poems - “गहरी नीली शाम, सर्द बर्फीली हवा,बारिश की कुछ हलकी बूँदेंकांगडी़ की ज़रा-सी आंचदूर बादलों से झांकते ऊँचे-ऊँचे पहाड़कच्चे-पक्के ख्वाब-सा, ज्यादा-ज्यादा सच-सा, एक जहाँ हसीं-सा …”
No Matter What You Do - No matter what you do, or don’t do, someone (or a lot of them) is always going to judge you, label you. Let them. Sometimes, even those who claim to understand you will judge you.… More