Garden Stories, Wandering Jew

Tuesdays on my blog here are for garden posts, mostly a picture story from the little home garden.

So here’s today’s Garden Picture Story – a close up of the pretty purple coloured leaves of Wandering Jew plant (scientific name is Tradescantia Zebrina) with a peaceful Buddha statue in the backdrop along with a few other plants (if you can see). A tiny cutting of this plant was given to me by my sister in exchange of a lemon plant I gave her (that’s a story for another Tuesday blogpost).

The leaves of Wandering Jew are stunning with silver and green/purple pattern and a bright purple underside. The leaves also have a sparkly, glittery look making it a total eye catcher. It is a fairly easy to grow/handle plant, at least it’s been kind and cooperative to me so far, having it since almost a year now.

And here are more pictures of the same wandering jew that was grown, propagated, split and potted into different pots, clicked in different angles and lights, placed indoors and in balcony.


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