The Little Universe Inside You

Fall in love with the ‘little universe’ that’s inside you. – QUOTED

Just a random day, random thought, random watercolour doodle. But if any of you would like to know the story of this (above) image, here it is, trying to keep it short. When I feel low (for any reason, the reason isn’t important here, but the feeling is what I want to share) I pick up something that I like, anything, this day I picked up paintbrush and paints. I dabbed some crimson on my thumb and pressed down on the sheet of my sketchbook, wiggled my thumb around a bit. I had nothing in mind while doing that but upon lifting my hand up I thought these looked like flower buds(rose maybe). So next I picked up some green pigment on the paintbrush and roughly added the stems for my to-be flower buds. The white sheet behind these looked too blank so loaded my paintbrush with some watered-down blue and just painted all over the sheet, not just the white space but the flower buds also.

I was happy with how the sheet looked now, but still looked empty. So I decided to write a note to myself – more of a reminder sort. Nothing changed drastically even after this, but I most certainly felt better and at ease than before. Not only was I distracted but also I let the little one inside me express something without burdening it with my thoughts and worries. I feel it’s important to let yourself completely free of your own thoughts, expectations, worries and all those heavy emotions and just be, I try to do this sometimes, other times I struggle. However, I can say with much conviction, that when I’m able to follow this ‘little experiment’ myself, it definitely makes things much better.

A big-little universe within

Here are a few more from more days of random musings. These were done while purely playing with the colours and paintbrush, the only common thing between all these doodles is that I had no thought whatsoever about what am I going to make/draw/paint/and/write on the sheet. Basically the process of all these doodles was more or less the same (as the first one above). The quotes summarising my thoughts for those days were added later using a software (since my handwriting isn’t too great).

There’s magic inside us all
Take care of your emotional, mental, spiritual levels and energy fields of your body. Do everything it takes to protect your aura.
Shine from within
Learning to dance in the stormy rains
It is okay to go through phases ~note to self

This one isn’t a watercolour doodle but just matches the theme of this post, where I use art, doodle, sketching, colours etc to express a feeling or gently remind myself of things I should be saying to myself.

You are all that you need to be,
and you will always be all that you need to be

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