Re-growing Herbs at Home

Plants never stop to amaze me, I have recently figured out how easy it is to grow/re-grow herbs at home – it’s so simple!

So I had bought some fresh oregano and thyme. These came with roots cut. I used to always cook/use up whatever I want to use in these herbs (leaves, tender stalk, etc) and discard the remaining parts. I’m trying to practice sustainable, eco-friendly living by making a few changes as and when possible. This time I left a few leaves on the stems and dropped them in water jars (the lower leaves need to be removed as they may rot in the water). I did not realise this then and had many lower leaves rot 😦 but that’s okay, we learn best from our mistakes 🙂

I kept these jars in the balcony, which is east-facing. Ideally a bright spot (not direct sun) should have been nice, but that wasn’t a problem and these little greenies grew roots and new leaves even just within a few days!

I’ll put them in soil and pot soon and see how it grows.

Oregano growing roots
Oregano water propagation
Thyme cutting growing roots in water
Thyme growing new leaves

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