Dose of Inspiration for International Day of Forests

Today, that is, 21st of March is celebrated as International Day of Forests or World Forestry Day to highlight the importance of forests on our planet. There is, however, no need to mention why forests are so important, but it is necessary to remind ourselves of their significance now and then and take at least a few steps in the right direction.

Hugging and being grateful to the ancient tree inside the Mawphlang Sacred Forests, Meghalaya

Without being preachy, just want to say knowing and learning about this topic can let us make big and small differences for the planet. A small step such as watching a documentary or planting a tiny sapling in the backyard can go a long way than we know. Talking about such topics amongst family, friends, neighbours etc can also bring about changes (even if slow and subtle) in ways we can’t imagine, like the butterfly effect, you know.

Inside Mawphlang Sacred Forests, Meghalaya

So here I’m sharing some pictures from some of the forests I was fortunate to walk into. I’ve selected the pictures from the Mawphlang Sacred Forests in Meghalaya, the Himalayan Forest in Uttarakhand & Western Ghats of Maharashtra, as these are some of my favourite travel memories, though I’m equally in love with all the forests I’ve been to.

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Himalayan Forest, Uttarakhand
Emerald hills of Western Ghats
Western Ghats of Maharashtra

On this International Day of Forests, I’m reminded of the incredible and inspiring story of the Forest Man of India – Jadav Payeng who single-handedly planted a forest for decades, transforming a once-barren wasteland into a thriving forest, larger than Central Park. I had read about him and had also planned to visit him when I was in Majuli, Assam, but that, however, did not happen for some reason. So today, I’m watching his incredible story again for a fresh dose of inspiration.


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