Five things I do for FUN

List five things you do for fun.

Daily Writing Prompt

I quite like WordPress’s daily writing prompt that came up on my home page. I’ll get straight to the prompt topic before I get distracted (as I usually do and start writing about something entirely off-topic) and so here’s a list of five things that I do for fun.


Doodling is my favourite activity and I can do it anytime and anywhere. It’s so fun, I think anybody can and everybody should do it. Patterns, dots, dashes, colours, black and white, ink, you can literally doodle in any way and use any medium, it’s pure fun!! And that’s what I love the most about doodles.


I love walking. And so I stroll whenever I can, walking at my own pace, taking in the sights, sounds and smells from around. I’ve almost always found something interesting on these aimless walks and strolls, like this day when I saw this pretty commander butterfly so close by.


Listening to music and dancing is probably the most fun activity that anyone can indulge in, and I’m no different. I also like to sing, and though I’m not a trained singer but I think I have a fairly okay (and bearable) voice. I’m often found singing songs when no one’s around and even otherwise. I sometimes also pick up my ukulele, that I’m self-learning, strum and sing along for fun.


Plants are my newfound love, I always loved them but never thought I could dedicate time to care for them. Slowly, plant by plant, over 2 years I build my little home garden and it makes me happy each day, every day. I’m learning, enjoying the whole gardening experience. I love spending few minutes to few hours (depending on how busy the day is) everyday with my plants and in the little home garden and I’m so grateful for the love they respond with.

Arts and Crafts

I’m combining the two just because I couldn’t pick one and do not want to extend the list. I think its absolute fun to create artsy and crafty things. Art, any form for that matter, does wonders to our bodies and minds (and soul too) I use references and look up for ideas but sometimes I just let my hands do whatever my heart says and the result always makes me smile, even when it’s imperfect, raw and even childish sometimes.

I’d love to read your list of 5 things that you do for fun.

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