Sunset Memories

As the sky turns orange, I sit watching it.

I let my mind drift away with the changing hues.

It wanders over the silhouettes of buildings and trees, over the million tiny ripples and reflections in darkening waters,

to somewhere far far away…

It pauses at a moment many sunsets ago, many miles away…a happy memory peeks out.

The sunset sky was different that day – a beautiful blend of pink and purple,

with a dash of orange, and maybe a little blue, too.

The waves lapped playfully on the white sandy shore,

like they do at the beach, any other day.

Salty sea breeze ruffled and messed our hair… an ordinary day.

A few warm words and simple loving gestures softly dissolving in the quietness…

forehead kisses, cozy hugs, fingers intertwined,

everything within and around, perfectly in sync.

And just like that, the ordinary day with no-special-moments turned into a happy memory that would pop in my head today and on the many sunsets that are yet to come.

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