Stronger Than Yesterday

I am a different version of myself each day.

Sometimes better, but not all the times.

Sometimes just a little bit stronger than yesterday. And it’s okay, I know.

Because in between being and becoming, a lot of unlearning has to happen, and the transition isn’t always going to be smooth.

But as long as I keep moving forward without being weighed down by all the things that stop me from being, it’s okay.

For, I know I will be that what I’m meant to be – a better version of myself. Each day, every day. 


2 thoughts on “Stronger Than Yesterday

  1. That’s a great way of looking at things, because I’m not the same person every day. Heck, I’m not the same person an hour ago. Our frequencies constantly shift, and it’s important to realise that sometimes, it’s these frequencies that determine how we react to the world’s events. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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