Rainy Day Musing

It has been raining since past few days. Everyday the sky is gloomy and full of thick, angry-looking, stormy clouds. With no sunshine, the grey clouds break open in the evening, sometimes in the afternoon or morning even and then through the whole day, turning everything grey and cold.

I sit by the window, that I will have to shut if and when it gets too windy and stormy. For now, I simply look at the sliced sky through the window grill and reflect…

I am a different version of myself each day. Sometimes better, but not all the times. Sometimes, just a little bit stronger than yesterday, but not everyday. And it’s OK, I know. Because in between being and becoming, a lot of unlearning has to happen, and the transition isn’t always going to be smooth. But as long as I keep moving forward, no matter the speed, without being weighed down by all the things that stop me from being me, it’s OK. I know I will be that what I’m meant to be – a better version of myself. Each day, every day.

Rainy day musing


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