Mornings in the Mountains

This is how mornings in the Himalayan mountains look like. This is how the views outside your tent look like when you step out of it, after spending a night of nonstop snowfall, in the middle of nowhere (quite literally) oblivious to the gorgeous peaks and glaciers all around you.

You slowly leave the warm cocoon that your nice sleeping bag was. A warm light is filled inside and then you look up to find that the tent is arched in spots because of the accumulated snow on its top. You shake it off as much as you can while half of your body is still clinging to warmth of the sleeping bag. Only after a while you remember you still don’t know what the place looks like because you had reached there in a whiteout yesterday and when the daylight had almost left. You quickly jump out of your sleeping bag (finally!) and excitedly open the zip of your camping tent!

And then, the mountains smile at you, as if waiting for you. The sun shines a little brighter, only if for a moment, as if winking at you. The mountain breeze rushes to you as if to escort you out of your tent, into this dreamland that embraced you into a sweet slumber, unbeknownst to you, last night.

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Do not miss my bandaged shoe there! Yup, had a misadventure with my shoes 😬and had to trek in chappals the last day – can you believe that?! Read about that story here.


9 thoughts on “Mornings in the Mountains

    1. Hi there! Thanks much for your kind words and for reading the post 🙂 also, a warm welcome to you fellow blogger. However, I’m not able to check/follow your blog – page just says coming soon and that’s it.


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