Prabalgad Fort in Western Ghats of Maharashtra

Kalavantin Fort as seen from Prabalgad – another fort opposite Kalavantin, where I went trekking and which was a special trek.

Kalavantin is a comparatively steep trek – if you watch closely you can see the steps and get an idea of Kalavantin’s incline. The Prabalgad trek, on the other hand, is at a (comparatively) easy-to-moderate level with few challenging stretches. It’s a decent enough one-day trek from Mumbai and Panvel.

Coming to the point why it was special for me – my dad (who is 70+ yr and my fave trekker/traveler) had joined me on this trek. Though we have traveled many times together, somehow we never trekked together. So when I was visiting my parents for a short holiday, things planned themselves out, papa joined me for Prabalgad — our first ever trek together 🙂 making it a special-special trek for me 🙂

Check out this tiny snippet of what it looked like 🙂

3 thoughts on “Prabalgad Fort in Western Ghats of Maharashtra

  1. You got a perfect view of the entire Matheran range from Prabalgad! 🙂
    We, my friends and I, weren’t so fortunate during our treks to both Kalavantin and Prabalgad during the monsoons with fog restricting visibility to barely 20 feet.
    Did you visit the other end of the fort- Kala Buruj, which overlooks Irshalgad?

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