I know her as Bombay

She has beauty and charisma. She is vibrant and has an undying spirit. Every breath – a rhythm, she is bustling with energy and a fire in her belly. They call her Mumbai – I have known her as Bombay – a city with a soul.

She is warm and welcoming. The face of a beauty who does not hide her flaws and takes pride in her wounds, which make her what she is. Toughened with time and yet not afraid to love back unconditionally, she is sheer strength. Bombay – the city of dreams – for everyone who dares to dream. She does not discriminate, if you believe in yourself – she believes in you!

The city is alive, it has a soul. Yes, the people make up a place, but Bombay is alive on her own. She listens to you, and she responds. Tell her your dreams – she cherishes them. Share your worries, the balmy sea breeze soothes it. When the huge waves crash on the boulders at Marine Drive, she is speaking to you, listen! When the monsoons make everything pretty, she dances with you. The ceaseless sounds of waves, breeze, local trains, fisherfolks, hawkers, artists, strugglers, dreamers, with their hundred stories unfolding, she holds each one of it close to her heart.

The lingering taste of cutting chai and vada-pav, a long, leisurely stroll at Chowpatty, peaceful evenings at Haji Ali and Mahalakshmi are only some of the many unparalleled experiences of Mumbai. Come festivals & the city spurts its million hues like spring blossoms. Its rhythm becomes an orchestra. With all the differences melting, everyone comes together; laughing, celebrating, and living together. Electrifying energy flows through everything, touching and transforming everything. No one can possibly escape the verve. With a little Mumbai in each heart, the spirit of festivals is lived and celebrated. A big heart, made up of hundreds of thousand hearts beat together unanimously.

Mumbai – Bombay – My Happy Place

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