People and Places, East Sikkim

An incessant talker Amma, stops by my room, every morning – next to which is her garden. Even at over 80years, she is very active and I see her working in the kitchen, which is opposite to my room, or in her garden which is what I see outside the window of this tiny room that her son and daughter-in-law have rented out to me. Beyond her gardens, the view opens up into a panorama of lush mountains enveloped in mist.

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Amma tells me about her (other) children and grandkids, her garden, her chickens, asks me about the school (that I’m volunteering at) all in Nepali – which I am starting to get a little bit hang of now. I’m surprised how the language isn’t a barrier between us and we talk every day for several minutes, communicating in signs, smiles, and few words.

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