Mountain Bliss

A mere look at this picture from a visit to the beloved Himalayan mountains many moons ago, fills my soul with unexplainable peace & innumerable joyful memories, even today.

I’m a terrible traveler/trekker and often have had mishaps on my treks. I have cried of unbearable pain at times, fell ill, got scared & hurt many times. I have questioned myself “why am I here?” so many times. But to tell you the truth, despite it all, walking in the mountains and everything about it, are the most treasured moments of my life & I wouldn’t change them for anything else in the world, ever! I have always felt as if the mountains gently picked me up every time I fell, they have cared for me each time I felt scared and unsure, they have welcomed me lovingly, encouraged and helped me overcome the challenges. I feel nothing but pure bliss in my heart, nothing but a feeling of being blessed at every step when in the mountains.

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