Hello Tulips: Easy Watercolor Florals

Had painted this a while ago. I’m no expert but if you are starting with watercolors and looking for a companion (beginner learner) I’m here to share my watercolor journey, along with the mistakes I made and what I learned out of them.

When I was Kashmir, (the first time was a family vacation) we had visited the pretty tulip gardens of Srinagar. I had never seen a tulip garden before that and was thoroughly excited to see and walk into one. Unfortunately, I don’t have those pictures to share, but do visit the Srinagar Tulip Garden if you plan a visit to Kashmir and if you are interested, of course. For now, you can check out some of my blogposts about Kashmir travels.

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Through my blog and videos around ‘creating’, I aim at sharing my progress and anything and everything that I’m learning about creating. Take a look at the video where I explain in detail the step-by-step process that I’m following to paint these pink and purple tulips. It is a very easy process that I followed and if at all you are a beginner (like me) and struggling with painting tulips then I hope you find this helpful. These aren’t realistic watercolor florals, but it was an enjoyable process. I hope you find it helpful in some ways. Let me know if you have any questions/doubts or if I have missed out on something, do point it out, I’d love to know your thoughts.

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