Dragonfly and Happiness

‘Dragonflies are kisses from heaven’

Saw this pretty jewel-winged creature the other day. Looking at its shiny wings reflecting brilliant colors and hues, I suddenly got curious to know what dragonflies mean in different cultures, what does it symbolize, and what it means to different people. I also realized that I don’t much about this insect and this was a good opportunity to learn something new. I was fascinated to read a lot of facts about these pretty creatures. Like that these are one of the oldest insect species that have been around for about 300 million years and that the wingspan of the prehistoric dragonflies measured as much as 2 feet!

Seeing dragonflies signifies good luck and prosperity in many cultures around the world. I found some folklore and dragonfly stories to be very interesting. Strength, freedom, happiness are also other meanings and signs generally associated with a dragonfly. They can fly backward, I read, and I think that’s quite a quality. Not to mention, with their jewel-like wings and bodies there is something magical about dragonflies. Also, dragonflies are great pest controllers and an important part of the ecosystem.

I was also inspired to play a bit with my watercolors and paintbrush after seeing this pretty dragonfly and decided to try out painting one (or three, in this case). It did not turn out as I had anticipated, nevertheless, it was a fun and enjoyable process, so no complains as such 🙂

This one is not really a watercolour painting, it more of a doodle sort, so I hope you find it easy and interesting to try. Even if not, do watch the video for some relaxation and enjoyment, because I certainly enjoyed playing with watercolours here and also recording the process. Here’s the dragonfly watercolor doodle video for you and (above) a loose watercolor painting/doodle that I practiced before doodling and recording the next one.


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