Top Three Himalayan Campsites

Though I love everything about trekking in the Himalayas (esp.), I also look forward to the campsite where I’m going to spend time, resting, walking around, eating, star gazing, sometimes trying to read/write without getting distracted by the amazing views but always-always getting awed by the vistas.

So, here are my top three (most favourite) Himalayan campsites. I love them, in no particular order as such, but simply for making me feel a certain way that I probably won’t ever be able to express, but I’ll leave the pictures/videos for you to imagine that 😉

Thansing, Goecha La, Khangchendzonga National Park

Goechala in Sikkim is a beautiful and according to me – a very colourful trek. You’ll find a different landscape every day, with plenty of colours. Right from the colourful prayer flags at the starting point and over the wooden bridges over the gushing rivers/streams inside the Khangchendzonga National Park to the beautiful mossy forests, shrubs and trees with colourful leaves, along with plenty of other colours of lakes, mountains, stones, and a lot more.

Check out more colourful pictures from this trek and read all about Goechala trek here: Goecha La: Rendezvous With Mount Kanchenjunga

Thansing is the last (most preferred) campsite, where most trekkers will halt before heading to the Goecha pass viewing point. And though the campsites on all days of this trek were really beautiful with amazing views, my most favourite was Thansing. Look at the picture and the tiny video clip and you’ll know why.

Look at the shape of that mountain, do you still ask me why mountains are home? Thansing, Goechala

Daar, Zanskar Valley, Ladakh

I’m mentioning this campsite because I don’t have many pictures (my hard drive crashed and I lost all the images from this and many other treks/travels) Anyway, I’m saying that the spots where I camped on this trek kept getting better and better, these are just a few pics I have with me now. I’m sharing two pictures for you to get an idea of how lovely this place was.

The trek is a popular one, Chadar trek, as it is popularly known as, and is one of its kind, where you traverse on a frozen river that takes you deeper into the cold desert valley of Zanskar in Ladakh. I also realise I haven’t blogged about Chadar (still!!), so maybe look out for that some time soon 🙂

The following picture will give you a glimpse of what the view from my tent looked like on most days – stark mountains, rocks and boulders, and the icy, white, frozen Zanskar river. The next picture will give an idea of the kind of terrain/landscape you walk in, on this trek.

Frozen Zanskar River, Camping on Chadar, Zanskar Valley, Ladakh
Frozen Zanskar in Zanskar Valley, Chadar Trek, Ladakh

Tapovan, Gangotri National Park, Uttarakhand

Deep inside the Gangotri National Park is this lovely Tapovan campsite which gives you a magnificent view of Mount Shivling. You can see it rising ground up and all the way to its summit – absolutely unobstructed and oh my, it is truly stunning!!

Suggested read: The Handsome Mount Shivling

Tapovan was the last site where we camped on this trek, as we had planned to traverse further deep into the valley all the way to Vasuki Tal. The weather, however, did not permit and we had to camp here, explore the surrounding Meru glacier and base of other mountains – which was also thrilling if you think, and trek back. Check the view of the handsome Mount Shivling from the Tapovan campsite.

Mount Shivling from Tapovan, Gangotri National Park

Also, check the video clip of the snowfall (my first) I experienced at the Tapovan campsite, the previous day. I was completely oblivious (of course) to the fact that the grand Mount Shivling was right there!!

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