Watercolour Painting: Bicycle with Flower Basket

Watercolours and paintbrushes make me happy! I have always loved colours and I can never decide which colour I like the most. So when it comes to choosing colours, I’m clueless. The same happens when I’m painting and when I have to decide on a colour to use.

On this day, however, I was saved from making this (difficult) decision. Because I had some colours on my mixing palette, remaining from the previous sessions, that I wanted to use up. So I decided to draw and paint a cute bicycle with a flower basket and balloons

Watch the video (it’s at the end of this article) for a step-by-step process. Unfortunately, I missed recording the first part of it where I was sketching the bicycle. You can, however, download this printable PDF of the bicycle sketch below:

Use the sketch as a reference to sketch the bicycle in your own way, if you want.

I’m also listing the art supplies here, in case you want to know, but it’s nothing too fancy.

Art Supplies Used

1. I’m using a doodle pad with thick card papers. Those are not watercolour sheets. I’ve used the wet-on-wet painting technique only for the balloons, which needed me to quickly paint as the paper dried faster. But since it was a comparatively smaller area, it wasn’t much of a problem. So you can use any paper really, as you won’t be doing any heavy watercolour painting.

However, just for your information, watercolour sheets will typically be 300 GSM. And because of this thickness, they can hold a good amount of water without tearing and can, therefore, be used with heavy watercolours. Watercolour sheets are slightly expensive (for obvious reasons) and so if you are just starting, I recommend practicing on at least 160-200 GSM art papers or handmade papers made with cotton fibers instead of wood pulp (these can also be slightly expensive but they are wonderful to work with)

2. I’m using Student grade watercolours from the brand Camlin. I have been using these since school but you can use any of the great brands out there. I also chose these since these are reasonably priced and I’m not yet ready to paint/practice with other (good but expensive) brands of watercolour paints. As I mentioned earlier, I was clearing out the old colours off the mixing palette. So I have used some reds, purples, greens, browns and black. You can, of course, use any colours of your choice.

3. The paintbrush I’m using is a basic round brush from Faber Castell. You can use any watercolour paintbrush that you are comfortable with.

That’s about it! Now go ahead and paint that cute little bicycle with flower basket and balloons. Add it to your journal, or make cards or simply watch the video to relax and take a break.

Create More! And remember to always have fun and enjoy the process of creating 🙂

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