Green Living: Growing Herbs

Growing herbs has been on my mind for a while. I’ve set up a small garden in my balcony where I’ve potted tulsi (holy basil), tomato, coriander, and also daisy, aloe vera, and a succulent.

I keep looking for ways to improve and implement green living into my lifestyle. While scrolling through one such page, I came across easy steps to grow herbs in water, not quite hydroponic but without using any soil.

To reuse some old glass jars for this purpose, I filled them with water and kept them in the sun. I had fresh oregano and thyme at home at that time. So I trimmed their stems a bit, removed some of the lower leaves before placing them in the jars filled with plain tap water. I first thought of painting those jars or tieing a ribbon/rope and hanging them but then I just loved how pretty the woody herb stems looked in those glass jars without anything extra.

Thyme was the first to grow roots (in 3days). If that’s still slow – I’d blame the cloudy-overcast days that week. The (first) pic below shows its new roots. I don’t have the pictures from day 1, but its new stem and leaves are seen in the second pic (the delicate green stem & baby leaves shooting from the top).

Oregano is a bit slow but looks like it is growing strong roots. Hope it grows well. The water needs to be changed once every 2-3 days. I might try shifting the plants into pots later. Got any tips that I could use for growing herbs? Do let me know in the comments below, I could definitely use some tips, as I have never grown herbs before.

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