World Oceans Day: Must-see Ocean Documentaries

How beautiful the oceans and seas make our planet look from above. The first time I had flown over the Bay of Bengal which is the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean, I was stunned to look down at the cool blue expanse dotted with islands. Here’s a tiny video clip of what I saw that day.

And here’s a short video of a giant octopus chilling in the cool blue waters, as shot by my dive instructor, when I went scuba diving at Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Suggested read – Havelock Island: The blue paradise

Mr. Octopus chilling in the water

June 8 is celebrated as World Oceans Day to initiate conversations and create awareness about the issues our oceans are facing. So, I thought of sharing some of my favorite ocean documentaries on Oceans Day. Not only are these beautifully narrated and documented; they are also loaded with information.

I absolutely love the Netflix documentary series ‘Our Planet‘ narrated by (my favorite) Mr. David Attenborough. As you may already know, the series covers exhaustive topics around different ecosystems of our planet from forests, glaciers, oceans, and more. Sharing links of 2 of the episodes from this documentary series – ‘High Seas‘ and ‘Coastal Seas‘ to experience the beauty of the blue planet while staying at home.

And here’s another one: The Blue Planet Collection | Part 1 by BBC Earth

Check on BBC Earth’s web for this video and other amazing oceans videos

Hope you enjoy as well as learn more about the beautiful blue oceans and seas. I would love to read your learnings/observations in the comments below.

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