Environment Day, Every Day

Since June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day, but every day is really a day to care about it and work towards its betterment, I thought I’ll just share some lovely pictures of our wonderful environments.

So much is already said about the importance of our environment, so I’ll not go there. Plus, I also think we all know it already, at least at some level. Also, some amazing people are doing such great jobs at protecting and (and even reviving) the planet – truly grateful to such folks! I will, however, share about few of my learnings and finds, for those interested to read/learn more.

If you are interested in reading some entries from the journal where I note down my observations from surroundings, about flowers, insects, bugs, birds, and more, do check here: Learner’s Journal

A detailed one, but you can also read my article on Urban Biodiversity that I wrote for ecoNE – an environment magazine here: Biodiversity and Urban World – understanding the relationship

Find information and links about FREE Biodiversity Course here and about FREE Conservation Course here

Read about How I’m Reducing Plastic Waste in this article. And if you have some great tips too, please share them in the comment section, any one of us might find them helpful.

Or simply enjoy some pictures of our beautiful environment and some of its inhabitants in this slideshow below:

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