Blue Poppy: The Queen of Himalayan Wildflowers

The path slippery at some stretches, with snow, tiny rocks and loose gravel, ascended gradually. I walked steadily on the steep path that lead to the tranquil Shri Hemkund Sahib Ji.

Hemkund Sahib ji is a Gurudwara – a Sikh place of worship high up in the Himalayan mountains in Uttarakhand. The previous day we had trekked to the Valley of flowers – an enchanting valley that blooms with stunning wildflowers every monsoon.

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It rained without a pause, drenching me and my belongings. It was the month of August. It rained incessantly in this Himalayan valley. Cold, soaked, and tired I paused to catch a breath. My dearest friend & fellow trekker was clicking a picture. I went close to find that she was clicking a picture of this gorgeous Blue Poppy or the Queen of Himalayan flowers. A bunch of these delicate flowers stood showered in the rain and mist along with other wildflowers of the surreal Himalayan national park. They looked nothing short of some kind of rare jewels studded with the raindrops 😍 and even though the pictures are fantastic, trust me seeing it in person was a blissful experience.

PC: Sumana

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I had clicked this pic (below) of Himalayan Blue Poppy or the Queen of Himalayan flowers the previous day when trekking in the Valley of Flowers. This pretty wildflower usually grows around rocky surroundings, our guide had told us the previous day. The Himalayan Queen blooms in the alpine valley of flowers in the month of July, which is when you’d see a whole lot of them. I was there, however, in the first week of August. So I saw only a couple of them around.

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