Find Your Zen – Watercolour Painting

This is one of my favourite painting, that I completed a few days ago. I’ve titled it – Find your Zen, because the time I spent painting this one, was truly peaceful and relaxing. I also quite like the outcome.

One reason why I think the painting has turned out well (at least I think it is nice), could be because I had absolutely no plan, no thought prior to starting this artwork. I roughly knew I wanted to paint – some balanced stones stacked upon each other with a few plumeria/frangipani flowers around or on top of it. I had checked some reference images (not on the same day of painting – what can I say, I’m a procrastinator). So anyway, though I had a sketchy mental image of how and what I’m going to paint, I simply let myself get immersed in the process of creating that day, without thinking too much.

Find Your Zen – Watercolour Painting

This is done using watercolours. You can refer to my artwork if you wish to try out and paint or sketch or even doodle this or something similar.

Those who know me, know that this is something I believe very strongly in – being in the present moment. I also try to apply that as much as I can. Being mindful and present in the ‘now’ calms me down and I can then enjoy the task at hand, especially if it’s some creative stuff that I’m doing.

I’m listing the art supplies I’ve used for this artwork. You can paint with whatever is available with you, remember, nothing matters as long as you enjoy the process of creating. The idea behind any creative activity, according to me, is to relax and have fun.

Art Supplies Used

  1. Paper: I’ve used an A5-sized drawing pad with 200GSM drawing sheets. For watercolour paintings, using 300 GSM watercolour sheets is the best choice, as you might already know, however, there is no hard and fast rule for art and creativity. And as long as the paper has a decent thickness to support watercolours, you should be fine using any.

  2. Colours: I’m using student-grade watercolours from a brand called Camel. I have been using these since school time but you can use any of the great brands out there. I also chose these since these are reasonably priced and I’m not yet ready to paint/practice with other (good but expensive) brands of watercolour paints.

    You can also use any other medium of your choice – watercolour pencils, acrylic, gauche, pencil colours, etc. Or even simply sketch or doodle it if you like.

    I have mixed crimson+white to get that pink to paint the plumeria or frangipanis, sap green for the leaves and black/gray for the stacking stones. As frangipanis come in yellow/white colour too, if you’d like you can choose that colour. Also, for the balancing stones, choose any other colour if you like, for even the pebbles come in so many colours.

  3. Paintbrush: I have used a round brush from Faber Castell. Again, use any brush that you already have and are comfortable with.

I also decided to add this artwork to my Art shop on Redbubble.

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I’d love to have you at my art shop even if you simply want to look around. I’m adding some stuff from my art shop below, just in case you want to check it out.

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