The Handsome Mount Shivling

After an almost incessant snowfall the previous night, we woke up to a beautiful clear day. And there it was, the stunning mount Shivling standing tall in its full glory! It was completely obscured the previous day when we had set up the camp even as it snowed continuously, it was hard to even imagine something this grand stood right there and we couldn’t see it!

Walking and exploring the Himalayan Wilderness on this trek was nothing short of a thrilling adventure. While leaving the Gangotri National Park, I would witness the stunning Gaumukh – the snout of the glacier that is the source of the mighty (and holy) river Ganga.

Clear skies at Tapovan Camp

It was only when the skies cleared next morning, the surroundings got a complete makeover. And there it stood – the handsome Mt. Shivling, tall and majestic, surrounded by many other stunning mountain peaks. Though each one was beautiful in its own way, nothing quite matched the elegance of Mt. Shivling – at least to me.

Behind the Mt. Shivling stands Mt. Meru. I had been fascinated by these two for so long and finally, when I stood there watching the two, I was speechless. We would set out to traverse a part of the Meru Glacier the following day. And on this day – we enjoyed the sunshine and clear blue skies as we breathed the fresh mountain air, eyes feasting on the spectacular views, gorged on the yummy breakfast in the mountains and started walking towards Kirti Glacier accompanied by stunning mountain peaks all around us, sparkly glacial lakes, snowy slopes and more.

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