Visited by a Coffee Bee Hawk Moth

It was a quiet afternoon, in the initial period of lockdown (of the Covid-19 situation). The unusual quietness must be baffling the other living creatures, we often joked (though I felt sometimes it could actually be so). I started spending more time in the balcony and even set up a cozy reading/working space there.

One afternoon I was sitting out in the balcony, in my cozy corner reading a book. I did not notice the visitor for a very long time – no idea how long it was sitting there for. And when I saw it finally, I was excited – another new visitor!

Coffee Bee Hawk Moth

Called the Coffee Bee Hawk Moth (also Pellucid Hawk Moth) – the body of this insect is a beautiful bright green with some yellow and red bands, separated by thin white bands. Its wings are clear and glassy, I guess which is why it is also called Coffee Clearwing (?) Okay, Im not expert and I’m simply observing and learning about them all, so if you are interested, maybe talk to an expert or pick up book to know more.

Moths are mostly nocturnal, resting during the day and active at nights. Some moths, like Coffee Bee Hawk Moth are, however, diurnal.

As I clicked picture & video (first on my phone, and the DSLR that I dug out from piles of things I haven’t used in a long while). The Pellucid hawk moth made itself comfortable on the outdoor furniture throughout. It did not move at all for almost an hour-ish, allowing me get a really closer and detailed look at its beautiful wings and eyes and that colourful body.

Pellucid Hawk Moth

As usual, I didn’t know this one’s name either & researched a bit later to get the name and learn a bit more about it. So I’m a part of this community at iNaturalist where anyone can contribute their observation, which maybe used for scientific purposes as well. And like any other communities & forums, you can discuss about all the interesting species, add more to your knowledge and interest. There are a number of similar apps and websites out there, and you can find the one that you feel comfortable with.

Also, check out this short video where I tried to film it from different angles. It’s a bit shaky video (I’m not an expert at it) but you can see the beautiful insect quite clearly.

Thank you for stopping by. Would love to read what you have to say, please leave a comment :)

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