Pretty Scenes from Majuli – the River Island on Brahmaputra

Pretty scenes from Majuli, #1

The tiny river island Majuli on Brahmaputra in Assam is a true beauty, and not just in terms of nature, but also it’s people and the many age-old stories depicting the interesting culture and traditions of Assam.

The little Mising (one of the indigenous community) villages, the bamboo chang ghars (houses on stilts), cute little foot/cycling bridges over water, stunning sun rise and sun set skies, mini woods with beautiful birds and butterflies, mask makers of Samaguri Sattra, lush fields with swaying, yellow mustard flowers, beels (water bodies/ponds) covered with verdant aquatic plants and numerous water birds, and undisturbed silence.

There’s more than this, that I’ll be posting about, in parts so that you can savour the beauty of this place.

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