Pondicherry: Old Port and Pier

“Only fishermen are allowed on the Pier”, one of two lady Constables who were patrolling the area told me. I had asked them if I could walk on the pier. So I checked if I could walk on the shore around and under it, they nodded a yes.

Puducherry old port and pier

Finding the shore area around the pier sans people, I peacefully walked around and under the pier, watching the waves playfully lapping on the sand. It was almost sun down, the shore was strewn with several colourful boats and fishing nets, resting after day’s work. Lots of discarded catch – including many beautiful shells, conches and even some starfish and other inedible fish were scattered on the sand. I picked up so many of them, awed, to have a closer look and to click pictures. And as I have learned how important it is for even the discarded shells and conches to remain in its environment, I always only pick them up to look and maybe click, leaving them back to remain where they belong.

Pondicherry old port and pier

The Pondicherry pier, is quite a popular place and I think it is worth a visit to learn about the place, experience serenity and of course click some fabulous pictures/shoot some nice snippets. The pier where once the French boats docked, is now only a part of what it used to be before it was destroyed by the cyclone in the 1950s. As you can see in the picture, it’s not in the best condition anymore.

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