Sunrise on Pamban Island

There was just a hint of light in the dark skies at the early hours of dawn. But places such as these are always buzzing with people, that time too, there were far too many people around me.

Dozens of them, men, women, children, elderly, rich, poor, were taking the holy dip at the sacred water of the sea. The waves mighty yet calm, rose and crashed at the shores, the rocks, and on the people. The sea looked undisturbed, indifferent to so much of human activity at such an hour. I walked away from the crowd to a far off corner, aimlessly, in the little temple town of Rameswaram located on the Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu. This little town of Rameswaram (or Rameshwaram) is known for its ancient temple, centuries-old and very interesting myths and lore. It is also from the Pamban Island that one can see the Ram Setu (also known as Adam’s Bridge) connecting to Sri Lanka – there is geological evidence proving this connection, again easily found on browsing. This bridge is mentioned in Ramayana – an ancient Sanskrit epic of India. Facts such as this, and the many other legends make it a very interesting place to visit. There is definitely something captivating about the aura of this place.

Sunrise on Pamban Island

The sounds of people and the occasional vehicles faded off as I walked further away to a secluded spot around the shore. The dawn sky was changing colours as if waking up from its slumber & stretching its arms, unhurriedly. Soon the sun made its entrance and changed the whole look of the scene I was glancing at. The waves, busy as ever, crashed mightily against the cool sands and empty rocky shores here. The fisherfolk, their day long begun, were already somewhere in the middle of the seas, maybe. Many others were starting to sail away from the chaotic shores, towards the quiet but powerful waters of the deep blue sea.

I tried to listen. Maybe the waves whispered the stories hidden somewhere in the depths of the seas. Or maybe they brought with them someone’s lost dreams every time they crashed on the shore? The many stories they might have overheard being exchanged between the fisherfolk on their daily visit, were the waves whispering that? Or were they revealing the plans the cracking dawn had for the sky. Or were they simply echoing the stray thought and sounds of fragments of the universe inside me?

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