Ink Drawings: Snowy Mountains

So recently I have indulged in drawing these dots and dashes artwork using the pigma fineliners. These artworks are fun to do plus they are super easy, super quick and super relaxing.

In fact I’m doing a video series on these ink drawings. My main aim for this series was to come up with simpler drawings that I could complete in under 10 minutes. Now, I know art is supposed to be done leisurely and definitely without rushing. And I wasn’t rushing but these are fairly simpler drawings that I intend to do on busy days when I want to take a quick break (from the humongous everyday tasks) and indulge in something creative, and relaxing at the same time – without affecting either. So what better than art for such times, right?


Pens: Brustro Technical Pens – If you aren’t comfortable directly using ink, use a pencil first.

Here’s a time lapse video of one of the artwork from my ink art series. You can try and if you do, do let me know if you enjoyed it and were you able to complete it under ten minutes.

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