Zen Doodles

I love colours, but don’t really have a very strong sense of palettes – I use colours, not based on any colour-sense but whatever pleases and makes me happy – and well, that’s really the whole point of art, according to me. I absolutely love pencils, which is why I quite enjoy pencil sketching. Black and white colour scheme is my all-time favourite, even though I love colours.

So since I enjoy black & white more, I started indulging in zen doodles a while ago. And it is absolute fun! If you have been zen doodling or are familiar with it, you’d know what I mean. If you haven’t tried it yet – I think you definitely should!

The best part about zen doodling is anyone and everyone can do these. Not only does it look pretty but it also is a stress buster, really. Zen doodling calms me on rough days, the pattern drawings in it help me focus better. And the end result – even if not-so-perfect some times – really cheers me up, nevertheless.

Here’s about the art supplies you will need for the zen doodles.

  • PAPER: A good quality paper – you can use any, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Just make sure the ink you’ll use doesn’t bleed through the pages. The GSM of the paper indicates thickness. I usually make the zen doodles in a normal-thick (& inexpensive) drawing pad. I don’t use both sides of this paper so even if the ink bleeds through the paper slightly, I’m okay with it.
  • PENCIL: If you are a beginner and not too comfortable or confident to directly doodle with ink, use pencils.

    Check out the post on how to select pencil for your art
Hand made paper and 2B pencils
  • INK: You can directly use ink for your zen doodles. Don’t worry about the shaky hands, or imperfect strokes – as long as you are having fun – it doesn’t really matter how perfect or imperfect the strokes are. And obviously with practice, you will get there, so for now, just remember to enjoy your zen doodles.

    Zen doodles in black & white look stunning – they are my absolute favourites & I mostly always only doodle with black ink. However, colours add beauty and fun to everything. So go ahead and doodle how you like it.

    Technical pens or Micron pens with pigmented ink are best suited for zen doodles. Those are quick drying & come in various sizes. However, they are slightly on the expensive side. But it is always a good idea to invest in good art supplies.

    When I started zen doodling, I did not wanted to invest a lot – not at least until I could doodle to my satisfaction. Plus I also wanted to check whether I really enjoyed this style of art (I’m experimenting with many mediums). So I got myself a set of 0.5mm fine tip pens by Artline, that was well within my budget – it costed me Rs. 100 for a set of 12 coloured fine line pens. It worked very well for me & are quite long lasting.
Artline Fine Tip pens & a colourful fruit doodle

Sharing some of my zen doodle artwork, have a look. Check more on my Instagram Art account.

You can take reference or, as I say, ‘create your own art’.

If you try any of my designs, do let me know. Also, if you have any feedback or suggestions for me do drop me line or comment below.

Thank you for stopping by. Would love to read what you have to say, please leave a comment :)

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