A Day in Slo-mo in Gopeshwar, Uttarakhand

Not all travel stories leave you awed, some just tell things as they are, simple, regular, normal stuff. Like this one here, that’s from the time I was in Gopeshwar. It’s a sleepy little place near Chamoli in Uttarakhand. Not much to do here except for observing life as if in a slo-mo, days beginning with spectacular sunrise and ending with colourful sunsets over the tall mountains.

This particular morning I walked up to the Gopeshwar Shiva temple – one of the major places visited by travelers, locals and passersby. It’s an old temple – (read it’s history as put up by the Archaeological Survey of India, in one of the pics below)

I decided to visit the nearby Sagar village, that’s about 5 km from Gopeshwar. I took a shared vehicle one way and walked back on return. Sagar village is a pitstop for those headed to Rudranath – one of the Panch Kedar. There really wasn’t much to see in Sagar as well, but I did enjoy my time as I walked along the terrace fields on the slopes of the hills here, reaching another little temple. The path leading to it had numerous little, colourful birds, butterflies, flowers.

I stopped to talk to the locals traversing the same way, learning interesting titbits along with the names for some of local berries around this path (I plucked some yummy edible berries with them, check hisol berry in the pic below). One of them invited me over to their house, I spent some time speaking to her family, learning about their life there, played with her pet dog, sipped some cool water from matka – the earthen pot.

After spending a good amount of time doing nothing major but simply observing, breathing mindfully, and taking note of beautiful colours and sounds all around me, I walked back to Gopeshwar just in time for a lovely sunset over the mountains.

2 thoughts on “A Day in Slo-mo in Gopeshwar, Uttarakhand

  1. Good read. Not many people write on Gopeshwar but it is surely a great place. And has some other amazing places in its vicinity. Thanks for writing a brilliant post.

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