Harshil: The Charming Himalayan Valley

I love walking. And so on most travels I prefer to walk and explore the place leisurely. I’m missing traveling and walking around only because I don’t know (at this point) when can I travel again. With all the scary and tragic news around coronavirus and covid-19, I really hope people are not traveling and staying safe wherever they are. And I sincerely hope and pray that we all are past this scary situation very soon🤞

For now I’m revisiting the places through photos and walking down the memory lane that’s taking me back to so many of those places & I’m so utterly thankful to the universe that I was able to visit all those places. The memories and stories from each of those places are so fresh in my mind, and looking at the pictures feels so good, right now. So I guess till I can actually travel this is how I’m gonna travel – travel through the pictures, travel through the memories and experiences recalled, and maybe through writing or narrating those stories in some form.

Browsing through my pictures, I found some walking trails I managed to track. It makes me think about all that I gained through these walks – the health benefit (but I’m sure calories burned where gained soon after by consuming the delicious local food 😁), the memorable experiences ❤️, the fantastic views 🤩, info, knowledge and perspectives these places, people, culture, traditions, and faiths added to my life.

This one is from a lazy walk in Harshil. Funny story – during the trek just before visiting Harshil, the soles of my trekking shoes came off. I landed at Harshil in chappals! Roamed around till the bazar (that’s only ONE shop, actually) opened to buy new shoes. Had to settle on red shoes that didn’t fit well 😬- for lack of choice. Really won’t complain because if not for that one shop and those shoes, the rest of my time in Harshil would have been miserable. Later, of course after slipping into the shoes (can be seen in one of the pictures below 😉) I roamed around Harshil and Bagori – a tiny Buddhist village and was invited by a local to her apple orchids and served tea over pleasant chitchat. I sat quietly by Bhagirathi river watching its icy cold water and its many shades as the clouds floated by the snowy peaks of mountains surrounding the Harshil valley, fluttering of colourful prayer flags and carrying the blessings across the charming Himalayan valley.

4 thoughts on “Harshil: The Charming Himalayan Valley

  1. Beautiful feeling of the day, sunny and inviting. Harshil is on the way to Gangotri right?
    Thank you for sharing, and yes absolutely as travellers this could be one thing that we become messengers of craft and well-being. Thanks again.
    Nara x

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