The Spring Vibes

The parched landscapes turn picturesque, skies are clear without any traces of the wintry gloom, grass blades sparkle and a countless flowers bloom unfolding Spring in India. This temperate season is a transition between the extreme temperatures of winter and summer. This sublime climate Spring breathes new life into the world by painting the earth with lovely colors.

It is the perfect time for travelers and adventure enthusiasts mainly because it neither too chilly (especially in the Northern parts of India) or hot and humid – as the general climate is in most parts of the country. Apart from being pleasant, another advantage is that it is not exactly the peak season (major holidays/long weekends fall in the second half of the calendar year in India).

Starting sometime in February, Spring in India can be experienced upto April, the period varying for different places throughout the country. Like in Bangalore I have been seeing a lot of vibrant blooms of yellow, pink, and purple flowers, for the last few days, which is fading slowly. But that one March when I was traveling to Chikamagalur I’d seen the lovely blooms of the pretty coffee flowers and vibrant wildflowers while roaming in the Western Ghats of India. While the famous Tulip festival of Srinagar starts sometime in April, a walk through the bright Rhododendron forests of Sikkim is the highlight of travelling to Sikkim this season.

Spring in India is a short lived, transitional season, so head to these stunning spring destinations as soon as you can to witness the breathtaking spring blossoms. Let me know which of these (or any other spring destinations that you have visited) is your favourite.

Rhododendron Blooms at Sikkim

Rhododendron blooms

Tulip Gardens of Srinagar

Tulip garden

Coffee Flower Blossoms in Coorg

Coffee flower

Wildflowers in Western Ghats

Wildflower in Chikmagalur

9 thoughts on “The Spring Vibes

  1. Rhododendron Blooms is my absolute favourite. My granddad used to have dozens of them in his garden and when they were in bloom the place looked like paradise:)


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