Havelock Island: The blue paradise

I woke up to the announcement saying, “ladies and gentlemen we will be landing shortly…”. I sat up groggily rubbing my eyes, “…please make sure your seats backs and tray tables are in upright position…”. I straightened up and followed the pilot’s instructions. I checked time in my wristwatch and yawned lazily only to get glared by my co-passenger. To avert the scowl and to hide my embarrassment, I looked out of the window. But I almost jumped and shouted excitedly in my seat – outside the little window, I could see a blue paradise! Below the fluffy clouds, in the middle of an emerald and turquoise sea was the little paradise land of the Andaman Isles!

Aerial view Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The aircraft landed at the Veer Savarkar International airport, in Port Blair. It is named after a major independence activist who served a sentence in the infamous Cellular jail. I was directly heading to the Havelock Island. But I would have time to explore Port blair on my way back.

The ferry departed at 2PM from the Phoenix Bay jetty, arriving at Havelock by 4.30ish. Only a few of the Andaman isles can be visited by the travelers, Havelock is the largest and most popular one of them. Famous for its pristine beaches, white sand, emerald waters, beautiful coral reefs, excellent diving schools and best dive-sites, Havelock is a popular destination amongst the backpackers.

Beaches On Havelock Island

The beaches here are numbered; the popular beaches still go by their names though. Beach no.1 is the arrival port and all the arriving/departing ferries for Port Blair, Neil island and Rangat island can be seen here. Speed boats for day tours/half day tours/private tours to Elephant beach commence from here.

Beach no. 2 is where the scuba diving courses, confined water dives, etc., are conducted by the diving schools. Beach numbers 3 and 5 or Govindnagar and Vijaynagar are more like private beaches to the many resorts spread across on this stretch of the island. Further up, there’s a Kalapathar beach, another serene place to be. The Kalapathar village and local farms are located a little further ahead to it.

Beach no.7 or more popularly known as Radhanagar beach, lives to its fame of the “Asia’s best beach” rated by Time magazine and is a perfect place to be at as the sun takes a dip into the sea. Last but not least, a picturesque beach with fallen trees and the best coral – Elephant beach, is the best spot to enjoy snorkelling and other water sports. Boating in glass bottom boats is a popular tourist activity.

Pristine beach on Havelock Island

Staying On Havelock Island

A majority of accommodation is found on the stretch between the beach no. 3 and 5. Tented (domed) accommodation is also available at the Radhanagar beach. Hire a bike (if you travel light or are backpacker) from the market as soon as you get to the island and go see the resorts to get the best deal. You can leisurely explore the island on foot (if you love walking, like me) or bicycle (it’s fun too).

Where To Eat On Havelock Island

There are some great places to eat; my personal favourite was Fat Martin cafe. I like the low seating and chill atmosphere here. the food was good too. Go, explore the kitchens, eat a meal in a new place, try the local cuisine, it is fun.


Things To Do On Havelock Island

Scuba diving: Get the adrenaline pumping! There are some cool dive shops on the island. Some great dive sites are waiting to amaze and thrill you with its rich marine life and stunning coral reefs. Dive and discover the mysterious world.

Scuba diving on Havelock Island, Andaman & Nicobar

Snorkeling: If you do not want to dive deep, or wear the scuba gear, you can still explore the breathtakingly beautiful underwater realm by snorkeling at Havelock.

Sea corals and blue waters of Andaman Sea

Swimming: Surrounded by boundless emerald and turquoise shade, swimming in the crystal clear water is something you would cherish for days. Swim with Rajan – the last of the ocean swimming elephant at beach no.7 – the experience will stay with you forever.

Update: The beautiful elephant Rajan, breathed his last in year 2016.

Hunt for treasures: Walk along the long lonely shores on the golden-white sand, accompanied by the lapping waves. Treasure chests are emptied and deposited by the waters. Shells, conches, corals (dead, of course) and many stunningly beautiful objects can be found. Look out, there could be pearl too.

Corals and seashells – mermaid money

Do nothing: Literally! Spread a mat or stretch out on the sand and do nothing. Read a book or enjoy the melodious music composed by the water and air.

Tranquil moments at the quiet sea shores of Havelock Island

 “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau

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